Powersave Direct FAQs

Frequently asked questions

We are a project management company that was founded over 23 years ago to assist developers, contractors and architects alike with organising utility works on site.

The main objective of Powersave Direct is to save you the time and the frustration of co-ordinating utility works, from initial application to the final meter being fitted. There are many, many aspects to a development, whether it be large or small, and ensuring services are installed on time and within budget is a full time job on its own. We are here to help and manage the whole process from beginning to end, giving you continuity and the peace of mind that you have someone working for you on your scheme behind the scenes.

We can organise any aspect of utility works, but we find that a lot of projects can be defined into two stages. We can undertake feasibility studies to enable you to understand any potential costs involved in your potential new project. We can obtain asset records, budget costs for both new infrastructure and any works on existing apparatus and capacity check information from every provider in your area. For sites you already own, we can arrange temporary welfare supplies to get you up and running, new incoming permanent infrastructure along with any diversions, disconnections or landlord services that may be needed.
  • Continuity
  • One point of contact
  • An experienced professional service
  • A dedicated, tailor made, user friendly service
  • Someone available to answer any queries you may have at any point
  • Experienced project manager looking after your site works to ensure nothing is overlooked
  • It frees up a phenomenal amount of time for you to concentrate on other areas of the project
  • It alleviates the frustration of having to try and understand numerous companies processes
  • It alleviates the frustration of being passed from pillar to post
  • It gives you the peace of mind knowing you have someone looking after your project continuously behind the scenes, chasing, organising, liaising and ensuring everything is pulled together
  • It gives you the confidence that you are getting the most cost effective works proposal based on the need of your project

We will work on your project from beginning to end, which includes.

  • Preparing and submitting applications to each utility company
  • Obtain associated quotations from each utility company
  • Provide quotations in Powersave Direct format to yourselves
  • Provide working drawings of utility companies works (where possible)
  • Provide works specifications for each utility company
  • Place orders with each utility company
  • Register MPAN’s and MPRN’s with a reputable supplier
  • Obtain all work plan dates
  • Provide reporting on a fortnightly basis following acceptance of the utility companies’ proposals
  • Attend a site meeting if required
  • Undertake liaison with each utility company
  • Provide support to both your site and office based staff
  • Arrange for change of tenancies to be registered with a reputable supplier

• We treat each project individually and build our management fee on what’s required for that project. This is based on the number of plots or units which are to be built, what new connections are required, if there are any temporary builders supplies needed, etc.
• We have an upfront management fee for each project with no hidden charges.
• You will be fully aware of our involvement and what we will be reasonable for before anything is submitted to the utility companies.
• With regards to our management fee, we do not require payment straight away. Our management fee payment is due once all the quotations have been forwarded on to you and we tie up all payments at the same time as accepting the utility quotations.

For tendering / feasibility projects we require:

• The full site address and postcode
• A brief description of the project and what is to be built
• What existing utilities plans you require? (Gas/Water/Sewerage/Electric/BT/Cable)
• Which budget quotations you require for the new incoming supplies? (Gas/Water/Electric)
• Site layout / location plan, plus any other information which you feel may benefit us.
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For Permanent / live projects we require:

• The full site address and postcode
• A brief description of the project
• What new connections you are requiring on site? (Gas / Water / Electric / BT)
• Will you be requiring any temporary builder’s supplies of water and electric?
• If there are any disconnection or diversions required on site? If so, please name what utilities need disconnecting / diverting and how many?
• Site location plan / Site layout plan plus another information which you feel may benefit us
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