Industrial utility connections

From small warehouses to large scale manufacturing facilities, Powersave Direct can co-ordinate utilities to all industrial buildings

All units and factories fundamentally require at a minimum water and electric services. Often the volume of power or water needed to serve a large scale manufacturing base can have an impact on the existing surrounding local utility infrastructure.

It is often the case that the surrounding network needs to be reinforced to provide the demands needed by the industrial sector, whether this be a new substation on site or reinforcement and upgrades off site.

Powersave Direct has vast experience in organising and coordinating all of these works, both on and off site, whether this be to serve your new development or upgrade your existing facilities.

Peace of mind with Powersave Direct

Powersave Direct are experienced in coordinating utility connections for industry, having assisted on many projects from new warehouse builds to updating of the utility connections for older buildings. The latter in particular, asks for as smooth a transition period as possible, to help minimise downtime and consequently loss of earnings.

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