Pre-tender and feasibility

Purchasing land or submitting a tender?

When purchasing land or submitting a tender the associated utility costs can often prove to be somewhat of a mystery. Therefore, it is difficult to truly figure out your budget costs which could potentially be the difference between winning or losing a tender bid. Of course guessing these costs can also have an impact on your profit at the end of the project. Our site pre-tendering service can help.

Our site pre-tendering service can help by

  • Obtaining budget costs based on your site specific work specification

  • Obtain asset records to identify exactly what is buried in your land and providing costs for diverting apparatus that may be in your way

  • Saving you valuable time by leaving us to do all the donkey work
  • Saving you from having to guess provisional sums for your budget or your tender

  • Providing you with a thorough, comprehensive, but easy to follow report detailing the cost of utility infrastructure works, whether this be new or existing, on your proposed development