Disconnections and diversions

Don’t allow utility disconnections and diversions
to become an afterthought

The impact of having to divert or disconnect existing infrastructure before you are able to commence works can be massive.

Often the client simply doesn’t know what’s on the site and can often have a very unpleasant surprise. After a feasibility study has been undertaken and you are aware what is on site, then it is vital that we begin to organise these works as soon as is possible.

Often diversions and disconnections are almost an afterthought, but they can take considerable time and effort to organise, particularly if you have a linked or shared supply or another development is being fed from infrastructure that lies in your land.

Our key steps for this disconnections and diversions



We will put together a detailed work specification and submit relevant tenders and applications

Meter removal

We can arrange all meter removals so you don’t have to

Schedule works

Schedule works in line with build program


Do the talking

Liaison with both the distribution and transporter companies along with suppliers